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How cold is it up there?

  • The weather is very diverse. In October, you can expect temperatures in the 30 to 45 F range. November temperatures are typically 0 to 20 F. Cold is -30 F, but that is rare. In May and June, expect temperatures anywhere from 40 to 70 F.

Where is the best airport and is there airport pick-up?

  • We can provide affordable group transportation from a Saskatoon hotel or airport directly to our camp
  • Many car rental agencies provide affordable rates for those who choose to drive (185 miles)

Will I have any problems transporting the hide and horns home across the border?

  • No, your tags and licence work as your permits to transport

When does the rut occur there?

  • Rubs and scrapes start in mid October and the rut peaks around the 22nd of November
  • Bears will start breeding at the beginning of June

How much do we tip?

  • 10 - 15% would be considered normal in the hunting industry
  • It is at your discretion and always appreciated

How do you choose who guides who?

  • Repeat hunters always have first choice
  • Guides work in separate regions with various levels of access, some easy, some difficult, all good!

Do you have a trophy fee or a wounding policy?

  • No trophy fees
  • Ethical hunting practices are expected

What is the usual shot distance?

  • Rifle/muzzleloader is generally under 150 yards
  • Archery is under 25 yards

How do you recommend to dress appropriately in order to stay warm and will i get too warm walking to stands?

  • Dress in layers
  • Good underwear, silk, wool, and a wind-proof quiet outer layer (scent lock)
  • Raven wear, Sleeping Indian Design and Micro Berber all great products
  • Your guide will assist you with carrying whatever you need to your stand

Do you allow alcohol in camp?

  • Yes, you can supply your own or request us to purchase in advance for your convenience

If I choose to drive from Saskatoon, how do I get to camp?
Saskatoon Airport through Prince Albert to Carrot river: click here for map

  • Airport Drive to Circle Drive, turn left
  • Go to first lights (Avenue C), turn left
  • Exit ramp on Idylwyld Drive (HWY 11 North)
  • Follow HWY 11 North to Prince Albert (80 Miles)
  • You will drive through Prince Albert on 15th street
  • Exit ramp onto HWY 55 toward Nipawin (75 miles)
  • Enter Nipawin and turn left at first 4 way stop (beside KFC) on HWY 55 East (18 miles)
  • Turn right on HWY 23 toward Carrot River (6 miles)
  • Purchase your license at the Esso gas station (DBN Service), tell them you are with RockRidge (be sure to have Canadian funds for your license)

Carrot River to camp:

  • Back track 6 miles North on HWY 23 and turn right on HWY 55 East
  • Drive 18 miles, turn left on Smokey Burn Road (small sign)
  • Drive 3 miles across a river and stay right for 4 miles, winding road will lead you to camp (follow the horse fence and turn into the first drive-way)


Whitetail hunts:

  • 6 day hunt (Monday to Saturday) - $3,850 (US Currency)
  • License - $366 (Canadian Currency)
  • Deposit of $2,000 USD required
  • Payable to RockRidge Outfitting Ltd.

Spring Black bear hunts:

  • 6 day hunt (Monday to Saturday) - $2,850 (US Currency)
  • License - $226 (Canadian Currency)
  • Deposit of $1,200 USD required
  • Payable to RockRidge Outfitting Ltd.